We love to change perspectives


Why settle with thinking outside the box? We want to stretch it, remodel it, and grow, develop and look at things in new and better ways with every move.

Our key point is to change perspective; we listen. We ask questions instead of assuming.

To be the listener actually requires a lot; it’s essential to alter your own process, look at things from different views, to adapt to the fresh and not expect something that worked perfectly in another project automatically will be what’s ultimate for everyone. All projects are different from each other.

We consist of a broad spectrum of faculties, personalities and competences, and we always empower and help each other to flower and grow. Architects, interior architects, construction engineers, communicators and designers – all our strengths put together to form an optimal team. We trade competences over borders, highly value teamwork and there are no hierarches. Collaboration is super important to us.

When you hand us a new challenge, you become a part of our team. We work closely and side by side.

Regardless of it being a hotel, a restaurant, a workplace or a home, it should be a place that encourages new thoughts and ideas; is inspiring but also functional; beautiful to look at and pleasant to be in.

Our interest does not lie in drawing, designing, processing and refining. We also want to give people an opportunity to enjoy the present, as well as room to grow over time. The human needs, different views and unique personalities are always our number one priority.



And by the way… we’re experts on having fun at work.


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