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6 Ways to hack your Workspace and find more joy at Work


"As a designer who studies joy for a living, one of the questions I am asked most frequently is: How can I find more joy at work? We spend at least a third of our waking hours at the office, and some of us much more than that. Yet most workspaces, with their beige carpets and rows of cubicles, aren’t exactly designed to delight."

Den här veckan läser vi den här artikeln från Ideo, som ger konkreta och roliga förslag på hur vi kan göra vår arbetsplats lite mer lustfylld.

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Why Design Thinking Works

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"Learning in action. Real-world experiments are an essential way to assess new ideas and identify the changes needed to make them workable. But such tests offer another, less obvious kind of value: They help reduce employees’ and customers’ quite normal fear of change."

Den här veckan läser vi den här artikeln från Harvard Business Review, som hyllar Design thinking som process för hur vi kan skapa bättre upplevelser i en tid av snabb förändringar.

Bildkälla: ©Harvard Business Review

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