Communication is the key to successful collaboration, and collaboration is the key to a successful result.

We always work closely with you through the entire projects, and the process is always tailored to fit the project – not the other way around. The journey starts now!



During this step, we get to know each other and settle a project plan. Through workshops we identify goals, vision and needs for your new office, as well as needed functions and ways or working in the office divisions.



This phase is for exploring, discussing and analyzing your requirements. We begin to transform challenges into possibilities. To do this in the most optimal way, we use methods such as study visits, workshops and tailored surveys – which ones depends on what is ultimate for your project. The process is always adapted to fit the project, not the other way around. Now we establish the framework of the project and collaborate towards the next step.


3.The program

In this phase we describe and present different types of solutions. We settle the budget, decision backdrops and flow schedules.



It’s time to visualize the suggested outcome and how it’s going to look and work – of course this is done together with you. We also start to color the vision, and the result is dawning.  



We’re getting there! Documents and descriptions; the foundations for your legal agreements with suppliers. Sounds boring? It’s not – we’re now reaching the result we’ve been working towards.



Implementation, evaluation and progress is a part of the project. The result should be able to continue to evolve after our work is done, and now we’ve made that possible. Together we have created something that is going to continue to shape and transform along with you and the future.


It is our belief that the best projects are the ones that never fully end – after all, the time doesn’t stop just because our work is done

You are going to continue to move forward, flower and grow, and we want you to be able to do that in the most effective, creative and enjoyable way. That’s why we create environments that give you room to develop over time.

We are happy to do follow-ups to know how it’s going as well as to grow ourselves. We always strive to learn more, and that’s why we enter every new challenge not only with experience, competence and knowledge, but also with open minds and a genuine interest in new perspectives, thoughts and ideas. We learn from you!